Expatrio Services Complete Review

Expatrio is an all-inclusive relocation platform that offers customised solutions for international students, working professionals, and expatriates to navigate the complex bureaucratic processes involved in moving to Germany. In this complete review, learn more about their services, products, and support, including a blocked account, value package, current bank account, health insurance (public and private), and travel insurance.

Expatrio Services Complete Review
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International students, working professionals, expatriates, and dependents of students and professionals need to fulfill specific visa requirements and complete German government formalities before moving to Germany. Expatrio is a relocation platform that provides all-inclusive services and general information for a seamless moving experience. Approved by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Expatrio offers completely customized, digital, and trustworthy services, such as a Blocked Account, Value Package, Current Bank Account, Health Insurance (Public & Private), Travel Insurance, and other essential services.
Expatrio’s services provide customised solutions for complex bureaucratic processes involved in relocation to Germany. You can open your Blocked Account, Current Bank Account and secure Health and Travel insurances with trustworthy partners such as Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), DR-WALTER, Monese, and other essential service providers. Expatrio’s online platform supports you in navigating through German bureaucracy and ensures that you have satisfied all the visa requirements before you travel. Its personalised products, services and support save your valuable time and money, facilitating a smooth relocation to Germany.

Services Provided by Expatrio:

Products and services offered by Expatrio:
  • Value Package
  • Blocked Account
  • Current Bank Account
  • Insurances (Liability Insurance/Household Insurance)
  • ISIC (International Student Identity Card)
  • Student Eligibility Checker
  • Study Finder

Value Package

Expatrio’s premier product is its Value Package specially created for international students enrolling into German universities. The Value Package is an all-inclusive bundle package, a combination of Blocked Account and Health Insurance (Private or Public Health Insurance/Incoming Insurance). This all-encompassing package can be secured online from your home country and is the best option for your smooth start in Germany.

What the Value Package Includes:

  • Blocked Account
  • Incoming Insurance (DR-WALTER)
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance (Techniker Krankenkasse)
  • Awarded Private Health Insurance
  • Free Current Account (Optional)
  • Free ISIC (International Student Identity Card)
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Blocked Account/Health Insurance

Blocked Account and Incoming Health Insurance are mandatory requirements for a visa as outlined by the German embassies and missions abroad. After you arrive in Germany, Expatrio will help you set up a Current Bank Account from which you can receive your monthly disbursements from your Blocked Account. You will also get your Public Health Insurance which is again a prerequisite for obtaining a German visa. In addition to your Health Insurance, Expatrio provides Repatriation Insurance which covers you through unforeseen incidents.

DeGis Membership

A free lifelong DeGiS membership is also included with the Value Package. DeGiS (Deutsche Gesellschaft Internationaler Studierender) is Germany’s largest international students network that encourages students to meet, celebrate and be a part of its strong student network.

Insurances: Liability Insurance/Travel Insurance

The DeGiS membership comes with an insurance bundle that includes Liability Insurance and Travel Insurance. Liability Insurance covers accidental damage to a person or belongings and any damage incurred to your property or current housing. Travel Insurance covers loss of your belongings or damage incurred to your luggage while travelling.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The Value Package gives a free ISIC, which is an internationally recognized student identity card. The card verifies your student status worldwide and helps you save money on your day-to-day expenses through student discounts and offers. You can enjoy 150,000 benefits with ISIC in over 130 countries.

What is the cost of Expatrio's Value Package?

To order a Value Package, you need to pay the below:
  • Blocked Account monthly fee – €5
  • Set up fee – €49 (the setup fee can be waived with a voucher code, if available)
  • Techniker Krankenkasse Health Insurance fees – Around €100 per month, depending on your profile (age, number of children, etc.).
The rest of the services come free unless you want to extend them for a period not covered within the Value Package.

Why is the Value Package a great option?

Value Package is a tailor-made solution for all the problems that may arise when students travel to Germany. The services included in this package address all bureaucratic concerns related to relocation while saving precious time and money for international students.

How to apply for the Value Package?

Click on the link below, which will navigate you through the steps outlined in the screenshot.
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Blocked Account

The German Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) is a unique type of bank account that is a mandatory requirement for international students, job seekers and expatriates moving to Germany for higher education, preparatory courses, language courses, to look for jobs and other reasons. As per German law, internationals moving from outside the EU region have to fulfil this visa pre-requisite to prove sufficient financial funding to support their stay in Germany. The required amount to be blocked monthly is €861, which amounts to €10,332 for the entire year.

Blocked Account - What does the service offer?

Expatrio allows you to open your German Blocked Account from your home country in a quick, inexpensive and secure way. Being completely digital, you can open your Blocked Account in a matter of a few minutes. Approved by the German Federal Foreign Office, Expatrio’s Blocked Account is accepted by all Foreigner’s Authorities for the residence permit.
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Expatrio has aligned with other partners to provide the best services all under one roof. For seamless financial handling, Expatrio has partnered with the below service providers. Money transfer and fund handling are taken care of by these partners.

Cohort Go - Educational Payment Service Provider:

Headquartered in Australia, Cohort Go is an international payment service provider that assists international students with tuition fee payments or any education-related payments. Using Cohort Go, the students can pay the Blocked Account fee in local currency using any current payment methods. This is way cheaper and quicker compared to transferring money from your personal bank to your Blocked Account. Completely secure and reliable, CohortGo’s solution is embedded in the digital system of Expatrio. It is automatically shown as an option for customers for funds transfer. However, the students can choose not to go for Cohort Go and use any other provider for international money transfers.

MANGOPAY - Financial Technology Provider:

MANGOPAY is a digital payment technology provider for Expatrio’s Blocked Account that enables real-time settlement and handling of funds. A European license holder as a payment service provider, MANGOPAY is authorized to operate banking services in Germany under the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz, KWG) outlined by the German Financial Service Authority (BaFin). MANGOPAY’s solution will ensure that your money is safe and secure in your Blocked Account, which will always be with a German bank. Expatrio has collaborated with several banks for this purpose.

How to open a Blocked Account?

Follow the below 10 simple steps to open and set up a German Blocked Account:
  1. Verify the visa requirements outlined by the German Embassy in charge of your visa application.
  1. Apply for your Blocked Account as soon as you receive an admission letter from the German university.
  1. Procure the Blocked Account in your name as required by the Residence Act.
  1. Transfer the specified amount (total blocked amount) to your Blocked Account. Evaluate the exchange rates and transaction fees.
  1. It takes 3 to 5 days for international transactions and to receive the official confirmation; hence, plan in advance.
  1. Present your ”Blocked Amount Confirmation” document at the German Embassy and get your German Visa. Do check your Health Insurance pre-requisites as well at this stage.
  1. After reaching Germany, you can activate your Blocked Account and update your date of arrival.
  1. Activate your Health Insurance.
  1. Receive your monthly payouts to your Current Bank Account.
  1. You are all set to enjoy your stay in Germany!

What is the cost of opening a Blocked Account?

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You will be required to pay a one-time fee of €49 for account set-up and a monthly fee of €5 for Expatrio’s Blocked Account service. The Blocked Amount is a separate fee defined by the German authorities, which entirely depends on the purpose and the length of your stay in Germany. For international students, the required amount to be blocked every month is €861, which amounts to €10,332 for the whole year. You would also be required to pay an additional buffer fee of €100 to cover probable transaction fees if needed. The buffer fee will be reimbursed along with the last monthly payout from your Blocked Account.

Why choose Expatrio's Blocked Account?

Expatrio’s Blocked Account is your best option for the following reasons:
  • Quick service – Customer Service will handle your request within one working day (24 hours)
  • Low fees – Easy on your pockets
  • Safety and Security – It is secured by the European regulations and accredited by the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Law Compliant – The Expatrio’s Blocked Account fully complies with the applicable immigration laws and fulfils all the requirements of the German authorities in visa applications and residence permits.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement for everyone living in Germany. For international students, job seekers, dependants, and other expatriates coming from the non-EU region, having health insurance coverage is a prerequisite for a German visa. With Expatrio, you will get complete health insurance coverage essential for your visa application and your stay in Germany, along with additional insurance bonuses for free.

Expatrio's Health Insurance Plus - What it offers?

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The health insurance bundle offered by Expatrio takes care of all your visa application requirements and stay in Germany as outlined by German immigration. Expatrio’s Health Insurance Plus provides the obligatory coverage for both the visa application and stay in Germany by connecting you with the best service providers for public and private insurance.

1. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) - Expatrio's Public Health Insurance Provider

TK is regarded as the best German public health insurance provider and the best health insurance fund for students. Public Health Insurance is also known as Governmental Health Insurance or Statutory Health Insurance in Germany.
It is a mandatory requirement to be insured by a private or public health insurance provider when you begin your studies or report to your job. TK provides the required coverage along with additional benefits of vaccinations, bonus programs and online doctor’s appointment service.

2. DR-WALTER - Expatrio's Private Health Insurance Provider

DR-WALTER, with more than 60 years of experience, has been awarded multiple times as the Star Insurance Provider in Germany. DR-WALTER is Expatrio’s Private Insurance Provider. Incoming insurance (also known as Private Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance, Schengen Health Insurance) is a mandatory visa requirement for visa and arrival in Germany. With DR-WALTER, you will be covered by this insurance until you begin your studies at your university. Private Health Insurance covers the entire duration of study of language courses or preparatory studies.

What does the Health Insurance Plus Package include?

Expatrio’s Health Insurance Plus provides holistic insurance coverage throughout your stay in Germany and includes the below products:
  • Incoming Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Free Current Bank Account
  • Free International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

What is the cost of Health Insurance Plus package?

You are only required to pay the fee for Health Insurance, and all other products come for free within the Health Insurance Plus package. The amount to be paid for the insurance will be based on your profile (age, children, etc.).

Why choose Health Insurance Plus?

By selecting Health Insurance Plus, you will receive all the additional benefits by paying the same price you would have originally paid for just the Health Insurance.

Current Bank Account

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Source: Expatrio
Relocation to a new country may seem to be an arduous task, as it involves a number of bureaucratic processes. Opening a German Current Bank Account could pose a challenge if you are not living in the country yet. Expatrio helps you in opening a German Current Bank Account and ensures a carefree relocation to Germany.

What is a Current Bank Account?

A German Current Bank Account is a standard type of bank account from which you can receive and withdraw funds. A Current Bank Account is where your monthly payouts from your Blocked Account are deposited (different from your Blocked Account). A Current Account will have additional benefits like credit cards, international money transfers, international withdrawals, etc.
As internationals travelling to Germany, opening a German Current Bank Account is necessary as soon as you land, as you would need money for your day-to-day expenses. It is also required to receive the monthly funds from your Blocked Account.

Expatrio's Current Bank Account - What it offers?

Expatrio helps you find the best Current Bank Account for your financial needs depending on your profile (i.e., student, professional). For this purpose, Expatrio has partnered with several banks that provide Current Bank Account services for internationals. Below is a list of German banks that are Expatrio’s Current Bank Account provider partners.
  1. N26 Standard
  1. Monese Classic
  1. Commerzbank Startkonto
  1. ING Girokonto Student
  1. Sparkasse Girokonto für Studis & Azubis
A comparison table is drawn out for Current Bank Accounts offered by each bank.
You can review the information of each bank and make an informed decision on choosing the right bank that meets your Current Account requirements.


Germany has a long-standing tradition and belief system in insurance. Liability and household insurances are the other two required insurances to live in Germany, other than your health insurance. These insurances come in handy when you face any unexpected events.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) provides coverage for damages accidentally caused to a person, belonging or an object. The German government seeks accountability for any damage caused by the people. This insurance covers the cost of such unforeseen damage, and hence it is essential for everyone to have Liability insurance coverage when living in Germany.

Household Insurance

Household insurance provides coverage for any damage incurred to your property, housing or the current residence that you are residing in, whether you own it or have rented it. Household insurance is also a mandatory requirement for everyone living in Germany and is provided as an additional benefit of the Liability insurance. The prices and coverage depend on each service provider.
Given below are the service providers for Liability & Household Insurance:
  1. Getsafe
  1. Adam Riese
  1. Helden.de

Other Services (ISIC, Student Eligibility Checker, Study Finder)

Expatrio’s Value Package, Blocked Account and Health Insurance Plus, all services include ISIC as a complimentary benefit. International Student Identity Card (ISIC) affirms your student status and lets you enjoy student discounts and offers. The ISIC card comes with 150,000 benefits that you can make use of in over 130 countries.
Additionally, Expatrio has a Student Eligibility Checker on its portal through which you can determine if you meet the eligibility criteria to pursue your studies in Germany.
Expatrio’s Study Finder assists you in finding your dream program at your favourite university and connects you with their study consultants as well.


Expatrio is an all-inclusive platform that fulfils all the bureaucratic and immigration requirements involved in your relocation to Germany. With Expatrio’s services, products and support, your move to Germany will be a seamless experience. In this article, we have given complete information of all services offered by Expatrio – product details, offers, cost and benefits and how to apply. You can visit individual service websites through the links provided and choose a service that matches your profile and requirements.
At MS in Germany, we aim to redefine Overseas Education by making Global Education accessible to one and all. Our platform enables aspiring students like you to pursue your studies seamlessly in Germany. Hence, we have partnered with multiple service providers to give complete support for your higher education in Germany. Expatrio is one of our valued partners for Blocked Account and Health Insurance services.

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