About Us

Willkommen, Aspiring Scholars! We are MS in Germany. We believe everyone should be able to realize their dreams of studying abroad. We’re building the web platforms to help you achieve that.

This is MS in Germany Blog, an indispensable guide dedicated to helping international students navigate the exciting journey of studying in Germany. Our main platform, MS in Germany, is a reputable study abroad consultancy renowned for our deep insights, free support and the student counseling services for German Public Universities. This blog is an extension of that commitment, delivering rich, informative, and up-to-date content to students worldwide.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide every student who dreams of studying in Germany with the necessary information, resources, and insights. We aim to simplify the complexities of studying abroad by breaking down each process into manageable steps and by providing a comprehensive look into Germany's diverse educational landscape.

What We Offer

  • Your One-Stop Blog: This blog is your go-to resource, packed with vital information to help you plan and start your higher studies in Germany.
  • Guidance Through Packages and Services: Our website, msingermany.co.in, offers bespoke packages and services. We counsel and guide students throughout the application process to German public universities and provide individual documentation services to simplify your application process.
  • Your Personal Assistant – The Student App: Our web app, app.msingermany.co.in, empowers students to navigate the study abroad process independently with intuitive, easy-to-use features.

Over the years, MS in Germany has evolved from a simple blog into a full-blown Study-Abroad web platform. Focused on helping you with your German application process every step of the way.

Here are some Fun Facts:

We've helped over 1500+ students get admitted into top German public universities.
We've got an impressively high success rate of 88% for German Public Universities. No, we're not bluffing, our numbers don't lie.
We've managed to send students to 100+ unique courses across Germany. Yes, we’re sort of “Jack of all Trades”.

Meet the Team

Our team is a blend of educational consultants, experienced writers, and students who have traversed the path you're about to embark on. This unique combination of perspectives allows us to offer practical advice and share real-life experiences that resonate with our readers. Each member of our team shares the same passion for education and the belief that everyone should have access to accurate, helpful, and inspiring content.

Come work with us on building the community of aspirants and helping them achieve their Study Abroad dreams. Remote or in one of our offices.