Successful Admits

Guten Tag! Welcome to the luminous constellation of our greatest hits. Here, we proudly showcase the crème de la crème of our academic victories – the fearless dreamers who dared to partner with us and are now shining brightly in the academic sky of a prestigious German public university.
Remember, getting a seat at a German public university isn't a cakewalk (or should we say a pretzel-twist?). But hey, who said the most exciting journeys aren't a bit challenging? Buckle up, and let's embark on an inspiring tour through our Hall of Fame!

Our Hall of Fame:


Here are some Fun Facts:

We've helped over 1500+ students get admitted into top German public universities.
We've got an impressively high success rate of 88% for German Public Universities. No, we're not bluffing, our numbers don't lie.
We've managed to send students to 100+ unique courses across Germany. Yes, we’re sort of “Jack of all Trades”.

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(P.S. We don't actually have a physical Hall of Fame...yet. But we're certainly building a virtual one, one successful student at a time!)