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German Language Training

German Language Training

A1 - Rs. 12000

German Language Training

About German Language


A1 - Rs.12000

A2 - Rs.15000

B1 - Rs.17000

B2 - Rs.20000

B1 Examination Training - Rs.10000

Level and Duration

  • A1 - 70 Hrs
  • A2 - 75 Hrs
  • B1 - 120 Hrs
  • B1  Examination Training (Post B1 Level Completion) - 30 Hrs
  • B2 - 170 Hrs

Mode of Training


1. Apply Online

2. Submit Your Details

3. Few Calls And Discussions

4. On Time Delivery

What is German Language Training?

German Language Training is a structured educational program designed for students planning to pursue their studies in Germany. The training covers levels from A1 to B2, preparing students comprehensively for academic and social integration in Germany. This program is intensive, with a strict attendance and assignment policy, aimed at serious learners committed to mastering the German language.

How Can German Language Training Help You?

Learning German through our training program can significantly enhance your experience in Germany in various ways:

  • Academic and Career Opportunities: Meet the language requirements for most university programs and increase your chances of securing part-time jobs or internships.
  • Social Integration: Communicate effectively with locals, making it easier to form friendships and network professionally.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Navigate daily life more smoothly, understanding cultural nuances and societal norms.
  • Visa Application: Strengthen your visa application, as demonstrated language proficiency often correlates with lower rejection rates.

Outline of German Language Training

Our German Language Training is delivered through:

  • Online Sessions: Classes are conducted on Skype six days a week, with timings adjusted according to student preferences.
  • Certified Trainers: All training is provided by Goethe/Telc certified trainers, ensuring high-quality instruction.
  • Comprehensive Materials and Support: Includes all learning materials, recorded sessions for revisiting lectures, regular attendance tracking, and weekly assessments to monitor progress.

Who Should Apply?

This program is ideal for:

  • Students who have been admitted to, or are applying to, Bachelor’s/Master’s programs in Germany and need to meet the language prerequisites.
  • Individuals looking to improve their chances of securing a job or internship in Germany.
  • Anyone committed to a full cultural immersion and keen on mastering German to enhance their living experience abroad.

Additional Details

  1. All materials will be provided by the institute
  2. Classes will be conducted in Skype
  3. Trainings will be provided only by Goethe/Telc Certified Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I Have Placed the Order, Now What?

Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with further instructions and a link to a preference form. Please fill this out promptly. Our team will also contact you directly to confirm your schedule and begin your language training journey.

2. How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

Each language level takes approximately three months to complete. While fast-track courses are available, we recommend the standard track for a thorough and sustainable learning experience.

3. Why Trust Us?

MS in Germany has over seven years of experience specializing in German education consultancy. We have successfully facilitated the admission of thousands of students to German public universities. Our commitment to quality and student success is reflected in our excellent reviews and reputation within the industry.

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