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Outward Remittance For Germany

Outward Remittance For Germany

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How Does This Process Work?

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1. Talk to Executive

You will receive a call from us within 60 minutes (during working hours)

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2. Transfer Amount

Transfer the requisite Amount to a designated Indian Bank Account.

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3. Transfer Confirmation

Receive the amount transfer confirmation letter within 48 working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work?

Here’s How:
1. You will receive the callback and a quote from FCM Travel Money once you apply for the service.
2. You need to transfer the amount to a designated Indian bank account.
3. The equivalent Euros are loaded to your travel card and will be delivered to you.

Do I have to pay any additional amount for the transfer?

Yes, FCM Travel Money have fixed charges for per transfer. Please discuss with them regarding the same during the callback.

How much is the exchange rate?

The exchange rates vary on an hourly basis. Our partners are very transparent and offer you one of the best exchange rates in the market. This is the reason we chose them over other Forex providers.

What are the advantages of a using this service?

Time for Transfer: The funds transfer via FCM Travel Money usually takes less than 48 hours.
Convenience: It is very convenient to transfer your funds to an Indian Bank account than a foreign bank account.
Safety: For the blocked account and tuition, you are likely to be transferring a large sum of money.  Since you will be directly in touch with FCM Travel Money representatives, this method is safer compared to international wire transfer.

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